From the moment you enter them, you can sense the spirit of certain places. Their very walls reveal it. The soaring, reverent majesty of a medieval cathedral. The wistful sadness that enshrouds the Vietnam Memorial. The optimism and faith in reason that resonate through Jefferson's Monticello.

Before your host says a word, the building tells you how relaxed to make yourself; whether it is the kind of place, like your home, where you're almost tempted to rest your feet on the coffee table. The architecture conveys a feeling to you: warmth, boldness, tradition, ostentation, or something else entirely.

So we believe that the architect's task, first and foremost, must be to create spaces that communicate this singular emotional sense. To reflect a fundamental harmony between function and feeling. To respect the environment and in doing so to capture the genius loci. A certain spirit of place. To reflect and create the history of a place.

To imbue a space with a distinctive character and ambiance, to make it meaningful, demands a careful choreography of all the elements at hand: light, site, texture, sustainability, materials, openness and enclosure, scale and proportion. It requires a thorough understanding of the client's mission, user's sensibilities, style, needs and day-to-day patterns of living and working.

Architecture, of course, also requires a mastery of technical detail, a pursuit of utmost precision. But, no less important, it also requires a sense of poetry ' because we believe that the spirit of a place is created not merely in the lines on the blueprints, but between them.

With every project, for every client, that is the place where we first look for inspiration.